Refreshing. Positive. Unique. Fun.

The best thing about Hallerin is he sounds like himself. And he wants his listeners to enjoy the power of free speech.

For well over three decades Hallerin has worked in radio. From radio station management, to host, and executive producer he has brought his unique brand of thoughtful, passionate, positive, gratitude drenched broadcasting to the world.

Every day Hallerin covers the hot topics and talks to the people making news and conversation all over America. He asks his callers two big questions every day… What do you think? And, WHY do you think it?

Recognized by Talker’s Magazine as one of the top talk show host in America, Hallerin is leading a new movement in passionate, powerful, purpose-driven talk.

Hallerin starts his show every morning with these words.

“Welcome to this brand new day. This day has never been lived before. It’s a blank canvas. If you will it so it can be your masterpiece. As you wake up think of three things for which you’re grateful and then get out there and live this day with all the joy wonder and enthusiasm you can muster!”

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